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. ignatius church after the san francisco earthquake. they also constructed and established san francisco university, santa clara university, loyola marymount university in los angeles. >> vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. >> the new pontiff is already taking social media by storm. twitter has seen more than 7 million tweets related to the new pope. while that doesn't beat president obama's 2012 victory, it beats the spice girls' reunion concert. no says -- >>> everybody is talking about it. how nice the weather is! and it's going to change. >> not mentioned by the pope, but mentioned by about 6 million folks out here. highs in the 70s and 80s. walnut creek and belmont, 78, 77. even the cooler sports were still warm. hayward, 73, san francisco, 71. conspicuously cooler, half moon bay! only a high of 57. changes are coming. we're so warm, the change has to be cooler weather, and it is. the onshore flow will come back as soon as tonight. and many who did not receive fog this morning will wake up to low cloud cover and fog tomorrow. murdering their teenage daughter's pimp -- will go
him. >>> a san francisco man will be facing felony dui and manslaughter charges in the death of a teenager on her 17th birthday. chang was a junior at lowel high school and a member of the track team. just yesterday, supervisors approved improvements look the boulevard. >>> the santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest tomorrow. thousands are expected to pay their respects. the solemn goodbyes have already begun. >> reporter: at the santa cruz memorial funeral home, one last chance for a quiet goodbye. >> they're given so much to the community and to be taken like that just -- it's a real tragedy. >> reporter: at a public viewing today through hugs and handshakes, recovers held back tears while watching over the caskets. >> i just respect them, care for them. and i know this is a loss of a brother and a sister. >> reporter: the two officers were gunned down last week while questioning jeremy golet in a sexual assault. they killed him in a gun battle a short time later. there was no venue large enough in santa cruz. >> everybody will celebrate
. saturday delivery is going away at the pony express. but somehow a $2 million convention at san francisco got the stamp of approval as we sent sharon chin to find out why. sharon? >> reporter: ken, some critics have blasted the event. but the u.s. postal service says it is necessary. some people raise their eyebrows when they hear that 400 u.s. postal service executives are gathering for the national postal forum at the center in san francisco. >> and i don't think that it is very wise about spending the money. >> reporter: and so why is the postal service spending more than $2 million for the conference when they said they are going broke? the conference executive director goodson says that it is the one chance that postal executives get all year to network with 3,600 of their most important client who pay a total of $22 billion in postage last year. >> the u.s. postal service is not doing them any good just staying at the plaza in the headquarters. they need to meet with theircustomers. >> it is a sponsored golf tournament, which is one of the contributors. everybody pays their own regi
. they have people asking, are they hate speech or free speech? kpix5 is in san francisco with a look at the ads being bought by a group called the american freedom defense initiative. >> the point of advertising is to get your message heard, these bus ads are susceptible. ads went on muni buses today. they point out what terrorists have said. draws us closer. >> the purpose of our campaign is to show the reality of jay gihad. >> put up similar billboards here last year. these. they compared israel's enemies as savages. >> san francisco won't tolerate bigotry. >> the d.a. led a group of city leaders denouncing the ad. >> the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to look the other way and do nothing. >> when somebody, affects us. >> i am nearly using high profile muslims and their own words. how does that paint every muslim with the same brush. i don't understand that. >> is it hate speech or free speech? doesn't seem to matter much to muni. >> can i swear on a bus ad? >> it depends on the issue. depends on what you are saying. >> muni felt obligated b
of the first to find mayor and harvey milk after they were assassinated at san francisco city hall. >> you know, it's fine you want to lecture me on the constitution. i appreciate it. just know i have been here for a long time. i studied the constitution myself and i am reasonably well educated and i thank you for the lecture. you use the word, prohibit, it exempts 2,271 weapons. isn't that enough for the people and the united states? >> ms. chairman. >> did you have a chance to speak with senator cruz after that public exchange? >> no, i needed to cool down. >> i just felt patronized. i felt he was arrogant about it. you know, when you come from where i come from and what you've seen and when you found a dead body and you put your finger in bullet holes, you really realize the impact of weapons. >> in the end, the senate judiciary committee approved the bill banning 157 different molds of assault weapons and magazines that carry more than ten bullets. the approval is 10 to 8 on party line votes. it needs 60 votes, which right now seems unlikely. >> by the way, any bill would have to
pad thefts at a san francisco high school is over after a couple of school administrators taught the suspected thief a lesson. they spoke about how they took him down. >> we are talking about two administrators, one who confronted the suspected thief here on the school grounds. then the principal who ended up chasing after him and actually having to pull him off the fence as the suspect was trying to get away. >> it's crazy and heroic by both of them. >> it's all the talk. >> the high school where every kid is issued an ipad, but somebody has been stealing them lately. >> you get tired of it. >> the dean of students says he was making his rounds yesterday afternoon when he saw a suspicious young man with a backpack. >> he said he was a student om a different school and had a brother on the team, on a different varsity team and a bunch of inconsistencies. it's not adding up. it wasn't adding up quickly. >> we say, we're going to call the police because they'll take it from here. and at that time he got more and more fidgety and takes off running. >> the principal chased a
in san francisco last month blamed on antiquated pipes. your neighborhood could be at risk. for this neighborhood a long term solution could be months away. kpix's don mack has the story. >> reporter: neighbors gather and commiserate in front are of tagged houses. no one knows what's happening. >> in two weeks, we're going to be doing boring into the ground to get a better sense of what's happening. >> earlier in the month february 7th, a resident told a faster response to her 2911 calls may have saved property. >> at the rate how fast it was coming out that could have made us just -- a life changing difference. >> three yellow tagged for limited use and 17 other the water damage, along with a dozen cars. >> there may have been complaints about how fast workers responded but the city is promising a complete fix. >> we're going to step up to the plate and make sure we get the repairs done and into their home. whether their insurance is covering it or not, the city's going to make sure the residents are whole. >> we want to set up a storefront so people can have a centralized
in these lights. >> san francisco mayor, ed lee, is already imagining the light as a more permanent if pixture fixture on this bridge. >> i will predict that people, including myself, will want this to be on going, certainly during my lifetime. >> and back here live, you can see the lighting sequence in motion. it was designed to reflect the energy of the water in the bay and the traffic over the bridge as well as the wind, all without drivers ever seeing the lights as they are crossing the bridge. the artist was asked when he spoke to the press today about whether in the future, down the line he would consider making a similar led light installation for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. his answer, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. live in san francisco, kristen ayers, kpix5. >>> organizers privately raised $6 million to fund the project. the bay needs $2 million more to keep it going. if you'd like to help, you can buy a light on the bridge at the donation. >>> on the other side of town, san francisco police say they shot a suspected carjacker in a bmw after he tried to ru
of san francisco. and the financial district is not underserved. >> reporter: in a couple of week, he'll be ready to start brewing and hopes the community around him will warm up to a truck. >> his permit allows him to park at another location on 2nd street in front of a liquor store. the public works department would not allow him to operate there if he was a threat to nearby businesses. >>> part of the reason for the increase in the number of food trucks is because it's big business of the owners can cash in anywhere from sen hundred dollars to over -- $700 to over $2,000 in a 4-hour window. >>> homeowners say they are paying the price for budget cuts that closed fire stations. a big fire destroyed two homes and challenged a 3 on taylor road on bethel island this morning. >> reporter: the fire started in a one-story home at about 2:30 am and quickly spread to the houses on either side. >> flames were shooting all over the house. >> reporter: almost as quickly, firefighters ran into problems. >> it took about 90 nonts get the electricity -- 90 minutes to get the electricity shut off.
your argument. >> the case goes back to february 4, 2004, when san francisco began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. that lasted a month until opponents got a court order. for four years, legal challenges went back and fourth until may 15, 2008, the state supreme court ruled that california's law recognizing marriage as only between a man and a woman was descrim nay dediscriminate. supporters of prop 8 filed an appeal, which brings the case now before the u.s. supreme court. on wednesday, the supreme court justices will hear arguments in the case of the defense of marriage act, which denies federal benefits to same-sex couples. the decisions are expected in june. in san francisco, linda ye, kpix5. >>> bad weather and freezing temperatures cannot keep the crowds away from the u.s. supreme court. people have been camping out in the rain and snow since thursday. hoping to get inside for this week's session. there are just 250 general public seats available for each case. >>> coming up, someone stole her dog when she fell asleep on bart. >> pure panic. i was delirious. >>
he wanted to be a police officer, specifically in san francisco. his coach said it was a tragedy to be back on the field where he played and help propel the team to a league championship last year. >> embrace life for what it is. it is fleeting. here is an 18-year-old kid with the world ahead of him, now nothing. >> investigators have knossos februarys or motive -- no suspects or motive. >>> campbell's previous homicide in 2007 remains unsolved. >>> the owner of an iconic bay area hot dog stand says he will rebuild after a destructive early morning fire. this is the happy hound after firefighters battled the flames in the roof and storage area. the fire took 30 minutes to put out the restaurant is relatively unscathed. the owner said he is down but not out. >> if i have to pay whatever, overtime or whatever we will get it open as soon as we can for our customers they have been supporting us all these years. >> the happy hound has been open for business for 42 years. right now fire investigators say, the fire does not look suspicious. >>> bat man makes an appearance across the pon
.m. near the intersection of 24th and bryant in san francisco's mission district. kpix 5's don knapp spoke with neighbors earlier tonight about the murder. >> reporter: family members, friends and neighbors gather on the streets of this house in bryant street to remember and mourn the death of a college student who was home on spring break. jacob vadlevedo were walking on the street when according to san francisco police a hispanic male got out of a vehicle and asked him if he were a gang member and then shot him. he was taken to a hospital where he died. the gunman fled. the friend was not injured. >> it's a tragedy. you know this neighborhood is changing a lot. it's -- definitely gentry fying but still you have pockets of violence here that are persist tent. >> reporter: in january, he ends the holidays and heads back to oregon saying san francisco, it's been real. see you in a couple of months. then last week, he sends -- finally done with my last class, break time. on his twitter page he writes -- i'm mischievous and i'm calculated. the violence that took his life leaves his father inc
, 2004. that's when then, san francisco mayor, gavin newsome announced that city hall was open for couples to marry. >> loving people that care about their spouses as you and i care about ours. they care about entering an institution of faith, love, and constitution. they believe they have the rights under the constitution, due process, equal protection to enter into this institution. >> and dozens of supporters of marriage equality turned out today. san francisco's civic center plaza. those who showed up are asked to wear red. >>> san jose police have released a sketch of the driver who triggered yesterday's amber alert. the woman is 38 to 45 years old, 5'5", 160-pounds with a dark complexion and dark hair. police say she stole a jeep with this 11 month old girl inside. her mom left the engine running while she was getting ready to leave for work. officers later found the jeep abandoned at an apartment complex with the girls still inside. mom and daughter were reunited. and oakland police release this video of a suspect wanted for trying to kidnap a nine-year- old girl. the
, officers in san francisco shot a man who raised a gun at them. later that day, officers chased a man in the streets of san jose before shooting and killing him. several hours later, officers in union city killed a gunman. in each case, police say they felt that they were under attack. >> several officers killed this year. at the end of last year. it's disturbing. >> reporter: some in the community think officers fear of the public is leading them to shoot too quickly. >> the police are supposed to protect and serve, and watch over us. now it seems like they're watching us, rather than watching over us. >> they're all justifying it. it's okay, they can do it then we can do it. my own daughter is afraid of the police officers. >> i don't want them killing people. >> is that what you think they do? >> yes. >> why do you think they do that? >> because they're bad people. >> late this afternoon, police identified the suspect driver in the hayward case as 23-year- old arthur packman of oakley. hayward authorities also confirm his passenger was killed by police gunfire. not the crash. >>> t
of the gun purchases. >> and a similar cause in san francisco as protesters rallied in front of their senator's office in support of the lawmaker's efforts against gun violence. >>> investigators say that the mother of the sandy hook gunman gave her son money to buy another gun. the search warrants reveal that adam lanza had that check from his mother, along with 1,600 rounds of ammunition, samurai swords and guns at their homes. they scoured their home in december after killing his mother and drove to his former elementary school. there he killed 20 first graders and six staff members and then himself. >> the information doesn't help bring back dillon or any of the others who lost their lives that day. which is why i would rather focus on the changes that can come from this. >> meanwhile some families of the victims are featured in an anti-gun tv commercial that's running. the ad urges congress to act on gun control measures. >>> reboiling that talk about banning the assault weapons after the connecticut school massacre? well that's not going to happen. even the house minority leader is sayi
. >>> another officer-involved shooting left a man dead in san francisco. police in daly city attempted to pull over a suspected car thief about 12:30 this morning. that led to a police chase that ended up in san francisco's little hollywood neighborhood. the man pointed a gun at them as he tried to flee on foot. >> one of the daly city officers discharged his firearm staking the suspect. the the president -- striking the suspect. the suspect didn't survive his injuries. >>> now that now makes three deadly officer involved shootings in the bay area in the past 48 hours, sheriff' deputies killed a suspected kidnapper early yesterday morning. authorities were tipped off by his victim who texted a friend who called 91. the suspect led deputies on a chase before crashing and that's when they shot him fearing he was reaching for a weapon they say. no gun that was found. santa rosa police are still investigating. these all come on the heels of tuesday's officer-involved shooting in santa cruz. >>> it is something that no one can quite get their minds around. a hole in the earth opening up under a hou
and tomorrow as we officially start march. starting off on a chilly note. san francisco hanging out around 50 overnight tonight. mountain view 46. san jose 46, and concord 46 degrees. i showed you this 26 out of 28 days in february. kpix5 without a drop of rain on it, but that will change next week. we'll get through the weekend dry and next week we're going to see significant changes. another weather maker is moving through and it's missing us by 6 or 7 ,000 miles. up north, it's been hanging out for a week, it will keep us dry tomorrow. tomorrow and warm, even though those of you watching us in san francisco, you've been stuck in the 50s because of an on shore flow. tomorrow you get an offshore wind that and that will start things off warm for everybody. all of the bay area will be in the 70s. a big, cold area of low pressure will begin to exert its influence on sunday and monday, then tuesday, the first of a few fronts will move through. next tuesday, rain moving in for all of us. tomorrow, sunny and warm, clouds increase. temperatures decrease this weekend, but still nice to get out and
for coverage on this story. >>> there was yet another shooting today. this time it was a man in san francisco's south beach neighborhood. he is expected to survive. this happened in front of an apartment building on bryant street just before 4:00 this afternoon. someone shot a passenger of a car. the driver then took off looking for help. eventually he wound up on market street. the wound ed man was taken to the hospital. motive for the shooting is not known and the shooter is still on the loose. >>> another drug deal stopped in its tracks. tsa agents uncovered 67-pounds of marijuana in a bag checked in by a passenger heading to south carolina. the tsa says the pot was found during a random inspection of the man's bag. an estimated street value of $300,000. >>> alameda county sheriff deputies arrested the unidentified 21-year-old man and charged him with possession of marijuana for sale. >>> there's a new million area somewhere in the east bay. the jackpot winning superlotto ticket was sold at a walnut creek gas station. john shared the excitement with the station's employees and customers. >
minutes because of a recent mountain biking accident. authorities say he jumped on a bus in san francisco and was spotted yesterday in nevada. they got a call from someone traveling with abraham. >> at some point, the missing person in this individual ended up in a public library, actually researching this person's name on the internet. the missing person provided three different names to the traveling companion. this person saw the media coverage related to this event and borrowed someone's cell phone to directly reach out to the family. >> authorities say abraham appears to be in good condition. >>> multiplatinum rap artist, little wayne is hospitalized, but he is okay. there were reports from various sources saying he was near death. his reps and family say that's not true. he is recovering after having a seizure. little wayne has a history of seizures that put him in the hospital. today he tweeted, i'm good, thanks for the prayers and love. >> remembered in daly city. a prayer service was held for 23-year-old amado. 15-year-old and their 50-year- old mother. san mateo county prose
parade on the west coast. nothing but sunny skies smiled down on today's celebration in san francisco. tens of thousands lined up along market street to cheer on parade personalities and get free candy. san francisco fire chief joanne hayes white served as grand marshal for the 162nd parade. >>> elizabeth wenger in tonight. >> so much celebrating going on today. but yeah going out for st. patrick's day, heading to dublin, california we know there's a big festival there. it should be pretty nice. gorgeous weather in fact. and clear skies tonight. you can see them lights up the bay bridge tonight and temperatures still mainly in the 50s. so we are going to cool down in these overnight hours as we have a lot of clear skies out there. 53 right now in livermore: 58 in santa rosa. and 58 in concord and livermore. so yeah for tomorrow, lots of sunshine once again. it is going to be a little cooler along the coast. but sunny in our inland spots once again reaching into the low 70s. so maybe a few degrees cooler tomorrow than what we saw today. but we are staying dry. for now. we are watching
on the map for being stupid. >> miami isn't giving up its hotel tax, neither is san francisco which will be the center of many super bowl activities. >> is santa clara giving up too much? >> we make sure we have assurances and the form of an mlu to make sure our costs are met. >> show me the money. how are we going to pay for not waiting for donations or a letter of credit. that doesn't pay the bills. why are we paying an expense when they are making the money? >> the mayor mentioned is a memorandum of understanding and an agreement between the super bowl host committee and the city of santa clara to go out into the community and raise private money to pay for santa clara's cost. in santa clara, kpix5. >>> the nfl will make a final decision in may between the san francisco, santa clara bid, and miami. >>> and checking bay area headlines, a pedestrian has been killed walking on the cal train tracks south of the station near west virginia street in san jose. this happened just after 4:00 this afternoon. and delayed service during the rush hour. it is the third fatality on the cal
did i find? >> open the door to your imagination and guess. >> well, san francisco parks ask rec says they don't encourage people to put doors on the trees. they will leave this one there in case any elves need a home. >> that is amazing. >> i have so many questions, what does it look like inside there? i understand. it was a little difficult to find. >> it was. that whole concourse area, there are some 50 trees and i went around most of them and had to enlist people to find it. that door is tiny. >> i can imagine. >> lots of happy, smiley people. >> is there a map somewhere? >> i think the closest that would be on the beyoung side, you'll get there much faster than i did. >> all right. well we'll lookout for it, thanks. >> nice job by elliot, your photographer. >> very impressive. >> thanks, sharon. >>well, we're going to check your weather. it's easter and we might be a little soggy out there. >> this would be called a speed bump on the way to springtime. we have ourselves rain. much needed rain fall. how many times we told you that, about 70, i've been counting. we
of may. >> reporter: 2 bedroom san francisco lot of, $925,000. sold sight unseen for over a million dollars. >> the right price came up, walking distance from school, fits our stuff and was at our price point. rather than stall and lose it we pulled the trigger. >> reporter: there were multiple offers above asking. we're back up to full pricing 2008. what we're saying to the sellers is it's safe to come back into the market. you can get your value out of the market. >> reporter: they say it makes perfect sense to sell now. today there are about 900 homes for sale here when it was double about a month ago. >> you have to stage to get an excellent amount of money out of it. >> mortgage rates are back down to historic lowes. the interest rates fell to 3.54. >> my parents built a home in holmes center in 1962 for $12,000. >> oh my gosh. >> i was just thinking of my dad watching in holmes center tonight, people paying a million dollars. >> speaking of nuts, the weather has been a bit crazy
francisco tomorrow drizly and foggy in the morning. slight chance of shower for livermore and san jose. mid 60s for palo alto and union city. mid to upper 60s with chance of shower and low 60s for sauce sauce tomorrow. extepided forecast. friday we're dry. rain is back on saturday. monday we have some showers, too. >> all right. wet weekend. >> about tienl. >> bring the egg hunt inside. >> thanks, paul. >>> coming up, stepping on a scale before you fly, but is that charge passengers that way? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fly. now there's a new idea.. to get you to pay a little more. first, you'll have to step the scale... a study by a norwegian professor suggests airlines should make passengers pay the pound.. and self-declare their weight, when they booa ducing the arjs study bay professor suggests airlines should make passengers pay by the pound and self-declare their weight when they pook a ticket. he says reducing the weight on a plane by two pounds will save 3 thousand tlrs a year in fuel. >>> some would say discriminatory, but because i am economics it is not discriminatory. >> uong it's going
. at the white house, kpix5. >>> san francisco mayor, ed lee, released a statement tonight saying the budget cuts impact the city's services. schools and public housing will be in excess of $20 million. >>> we showed you a site in an oakland neighborhood on our news last night that disturbed many of our viewers. piles of garbage, boxes, trash, and junk ology lining 35th street in west oakland. one woman woke up and found an entire living room set dumped there. when we talked to an oakland public works manager about it yesterday, here's what he told us. >> yes. now that it has been brought to our attention, we plan to remove this debris tomorrow. >> we decided to go back to that same area to see if frank froster kept his promise, and he did. all that debris has been picked up and hauled away. >>> coming up, when sharks attack, there's something more dangerous than the bite. we'll explain coming up. >> plus, what kept this great horned owl grounded until tonight. >>> a day of unusually warm weather in the bay area today, but now time for something completely different. we'll have rain in the for
mateo and san francisco county supervisors before any gun shows are held at the palace. the venue is owned by the state and local governments have no control over the sale of ammunition and firearms. >> if elected officials from this neighborhood, from the adjoining counties would like a gun show, they have the right to express that and if they don't want it, they should have the right, not only to express it, but be heard. that's all this bill does. >> gun shows are extremely popular at the cow palace. in january, the cross roads at the west gun show saw a record crowd of roughly 18,000. >>> bit of a mystery in napa where detectives found a food truck with keys, money, and a cell phone inside, but no sign of the food truck operator. 46-year-old ramiro was last seen monday after he dropped off his wife to pick up the family's personal truck. that is the same location where detectives found the food truck, at a napa business park. the next morning, he withdrew money in fairfield. he is considered missing and is listed on a nationwide missing person data base. >>> reservations for
lo s altos. the day will start off warm. 50 for san francisco. vallejo 47 and concord 46 degrees. the radar, don't pay attention to that green. there is no rain fall out this. had some fog at the coastline today. had some fog, because that's because we had a light on shore flow. all the rain fall headed towards the seattle. we are protected. tomorrow, forget about the on shore wind. it will be at its strongest to give an goff shore wind. that will warm up everybody, you'll get up near 70 and some of you will have the warmest weather since early november. getting up to 80 degrees. high pressure begins to move, but far enough to the south that an online air will come back. it will be mild and dry, but it won't be as warm. tomorrow will be the peek of this heat wave we are going to go through. warmest weather since early november, we'll stay inland through the morning, and also at the coast. not tomorrow, highs approaching 80. san jose, 80 degrees. santa clara 79. fremont 77. san ramon and concord, 80 for napa. 80 for sanoma. we will stay in the 70s through the weekend. mainly dry,
that the electrical problem might be to blame. >>> the san francisco symphony has canceled their upcoming east coast tour because of the musician strike. the tour included a performance at the hall in new york city. and according to their website, they will not be rescheduled. orchestra members went on strike wednesday for pay issues and the symphony had canceled four performances. no date has been set to continue talks. >>> all right, now check this out. they released a time lapse video of the work being done here on the oakland airport connector. bart transit officials closed all the lanes of northbound interstate 880 between 1:00 to 6:00 a.m. this morning as it is a part of thbig construction project that will connect them to oakland international airport. and they will close it at one more time next sunday. >>> well, free parking near the at&t park is nothing, but a memory now. for months the municipal transportation agency has been putting in parking meters at the bay area between bryant and king on 5th and 2nd street. kpix 5 is on third street where parking costs a lot more on game days. sue?
in the case. >>> a san francisco club is shut down following a triple shooting overnight. an argument led to gunn fire inside the 330 rich nightclub around 1:30 am. by the time it was over, three people had been shot, one critically. a spokesman says investigators are looking at surveillance footage from the club. the city's entertainment commission shut the club down for at least the weekend. >>> a man shot and killed in san leandro while trying to protect his mother-in-law. two unidentified suspects tried to rob the woman last night. the 33-year-old man was shot after coming out of the house to help. both suspects took off in a dark-colored sedan. >>> the fbi needs your help identifying an east bay bank robbery suspect. they call him the buttoned-down bandit. authorities say he's committed two bank robberies this month. one in pleasanton, one in walnut creek. he's also got an accent. >>> military officials say the gunman and one of the victims involved in a deadly shooting at the marine corps case in quantico, virginia, are from the bay area. the marine who shot two of his colleagues to
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